for Annie


The news doesn't stop from the frontlines in Vancouver... it's all out war there with death stalking my old friends on everyside - keep the prayer coverage up, let's get their back.

My good friend Annie has been declared dead in body this week (not sure the cause of death)... I reckon she's alive and well and singing with a pink guitar on a street made of gold. No doubt, she's also drinking Iced Vanilla Cappuccinos (hold the whip) by the dozen! I've got a hunch she's much more satisfied with her current living arrangements (she could never get those right here on earth)... and I can't stop seeing an image of her hoarding alot of art markers and admiring all the different kinds of paper...

Annie taught me some of the most important lessons of my Kingdom life:
1. Kiss the son (Psalm 2).
2. Jews and Christians are deeply connected.
3. Jesus is a friend of the poor.
4. Life should be lived to the full.
5. Everyone can give gifts.
6. Open-handedness/generosity is a way of life.
7. You can tell real Christians by their belly-buttons (who knew?!)
8. Academics are over-rated.
9. Injustice sucks.
10. Double-dipping IS allowed (always).
11. Kiss strangers... especially smelly ones.
12. If you're in a pysch ward - you might as well have some fun.
13. Don't let skill stop you from being a rock-star...

these are just a few... there are heaps more... (washing your hands is over-rated, no smoking signs are simply suggestions... etc...) but here's to Annie... who Jesus used to teach me that it's true what He said in Galilee, "blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven." People are gifts... thank-you God for Annie.