I fought the law and the law won.

I haven't said much about accountability these days (since my running blog about the Nike lounge)... but this month my 30 day experiment is to do something new everyday... now, being in a new country, new place, new neighbourhood and new friends - this shouldn't be too difficult.. but it is fun to notice all the newness.
I had a prophetic word for 614 Vancouver when I left... it was a season of 'new things' that they were to embrace... seems the word is as true for me as for them.
God is faithful.
And on the subject of new and accountable - the new car I drive here (on the new side of the road) beeps when you speed. I kid you not. How do I know? enough said. Although I like accountability, this is a pain - I'm assuming if I'm ever nailed for speeding it will be difficult to fight the law when your car alerts you that you're driving too fast... wow.
Although this feature reminds me of the Holy Spirit somewhat - I'm getting the manual to figure our how to turn it off (another new thing!). Here's to new things.