Happy Founders' Day


What a great day - celebrating the beginnings of the Sally Ann... a celebration that God can do supernatural things with very ordinary people. Yesterday I heard Commissioner Harris speak on Isaiah 51 (and was able to tell him that only a few weeks ago I heard the same scripture used as a prophetic word to the salvation army by Jim Cymbala)... a great reminder that we shouldn't forget.

The Booths are hereos - but they are simply real people who surrendered everything to God... the history of Williams surrender is legend as he worked in a pawn shop as a young person and knelt down one day declaring, "God shall have all there is of William Booth." The big deal is not that he said it, (lots of people have those moments) or that he spoke in third person (lots of people do that too) it's that he kept saying it... a later legend scene for William is one of his last public meetings, he's led out (because he's blind) and he says to his aid... "tell me there are sinners here in need of a savior." That was just William - Catherine is as legendary as they come... and the celebration of this day is a celebration of them together as 'parents' of our movement. She went out early (cancer) but on her death bed testified, "the waters are rising but so am I. I am not going under but over." The Booths didn't just start fights - they finished them.

A friend and I were speaking of the 'well' that is the Salvation Army (our heritage - our rock from which we were hewn), and the hunger that is present in these days (especially among young people) to rediscover the 'roots' of our movement... it's a great thing if we could 're-dig' the well that the Booths first found... I believe in that place is a great gusher ready to wash the world over (some might even think inside that well is a boundless ocean!). God grant it.

As I long to be more like Jesus I suspect I will resemble my 'parents' as well - I'm honoured to be in the famiy! God bless The Salvation Army.