Take Action

Some great ideas for action on the human trafficking front from REED (resist exploitation, embrace dignity): check out the link at the bottom of this post (and the side panel of justice links).

Take Action
How you can take action to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation:

1. Address the brokenness in your own life.
2. Oppose the total decriminalization of prostitution in Canada.
3. Stop viewing pornography.
4. Make lifestyle choices that do not support globalization.
5. Become more informed and tell your friends about this issue.
6. Initiate praying about this issue as a faith community.
7. Promote gender equality and human dignity in your daily life.
8. Directly ask the men in your life if they pay for sex.
9. Purchase fair trade
10. Live with an open hand
11. Learn about other cultures
12. Give women the same opportunities as men
13. Become informed and tell your friends about this injustice.
14. Write a letter to your Member of Parliament, sharing your concerns about human trafficking, and asking them to change Canadian laws to better protect and serve those who have been trafficked.
15. Support local anti-trafficking efforts and women’s organizations.
16. Advocate for just immigration policy