Evidence of Holy Spirit at work...

So I heard Jim Cymbala speak yesterday... he shared three evidences of Holy Spirit at work in a people (denomination/group/church/person).
Here they are in a nutshell (he used an obscure story from 1 Sam. 11 - when the Spirit comes on Saul because of an injustice suffered by a tribe in Israel).
1. Righteous Anger (a stirring of the Lord to say NO to the status quo and anger against the enemy over injustice): a great quote, "I'd rather live 2 years with Holy Spirit fullness then 20 on a retirement plan." - nice).

2. Unity (they came together with ONE voice)... disunity is the enemy's presence in the camp... unity is a sign of the spirit: a great quote: "crack isn't stopping the church from advancing... gossip is."

3. Holy Spirit POWER: the greatest evidence of Holy Spirit among a people is when NORMAL people do EXTRAordinary thing.... when people start doing things they shouldn't be able to do... it's evidence of HIS POWER at work IN us.

Great word.
Also, he spoke to the Army a prophetic word about not forgetting the rock from which we were made (our foundations)... the main one: HOLY SPIRIT POWER... ordinary people doing extra ordinary things... God - DO IT AGAIN.

All prayer is about desire... let's desire God - and His power for Greater things...