24-7 prayer

so, I'm checking out THQ (territorial headquarters) in New York and have seen the prayer room (soon to be relocated to a more central location) and have been in the office where the plans to keep infusing the army with prayer ignite. It's quite a privilege. I was reminded of another Corps I visited recently who made an announcement that they were going to do an 'old army' celebration the next week. I wondered what that would look like. Turns out two significant things were different that day:
1. uniform (high collars... definately the cooler fashion choice)
2. kneedrill (yep, that's a prayer meeting).

Turns out the way we remember the 'old army' is through prayer. Perhaps that's the secret we've been missing for years. Here we thought it might be the uniform or the band or the programs.... we tell ourselves it could be our outdated mission strategies... and although all of those might have some validity I'm convinced it's just the prayer. We forgot to pray. We forgot how to pray.
In this territory (USA east) they are remembering, teaching and empowering people to pray. Just watch and see what God will do in answer to the earnest cry of his people.

I know all of us can pray without a prayer room. But, I gotta tell you - having been in a place without a specific place to pray for over a month now, it is difficult to fit it in. The rhythms of life drown out our time with God - almost naturally. It takes a determined effort to sustain prayer in our lives... and even more corporately. Let's do more, intentional praying together. be challenged. Start a prayer room - go 24-7 for at least a week... challenge, learn, empower people to petitiion God for their needs and desires... it think we could change the whole world.