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Great idea for action on the human trafficking front in your local area... sponsor a FREEDOM WALL... (more info on

Create a Freedom Wall – a fantastic way of publicising STOP THE TRAFFIK and getting people to sign up! The idea is to put the text of the declaration onto a wall, and provide a means for people to add their support. Be creative – there are lots of different ways you could do this!

First, find a wall in a public place – perhaps in your office, your school hall, your college, your church, or in the community. You’ll need permission of course, so contact whoever owns the wall.
Decide when to do it. Choose a time that will have a lot of impact – during a village fete, while a school production is going on. If you want to use a wall outside, it may take a while to get permission from the council so plan ahead.
How permanent can your Freedom Wall be? If you can, use paint so that it will last and lots of people will see it. You may need to give the wall a fresh coat of white paint to make the declaration stand out. If you can’t paint on the wall, use large rolls of paper to cover it.
Put the text of the declaration in the middle of the wall, using paint or marker pens, or by printing it out.
"People trafficking is wrong. I support STOP THE TRAFFIK in its call to: Prevent the sale of people, Prosecute the traffickers, Protect the victims."
Decide how you want people to add their support.
Adults could sign declaration cards and add them to the wall
Children could add handprints in paint
Take photos of the wall so you have a record of it. Send us a copy and we might put it on the website. Have a look at the Freedom Walls that other people have done here.
If you do a paper-based Freedom Wall, you could roll it up and keep it to display at your Freedom Day event.
At the end, collect in the declaration cards and send them to STOP THE TRAFFIK.