Pope John Paul II Tribute

So, John Paull II is credited with a miracle after his death. Wow. I don't doubt it... after all the amazing things he contributed in his life... this is probably just a left-over, wrapped up for later. Of course, I don't doubt it because I know who John Paul II adored and worshipped and glorified for his whole life - Jesus. The author of all life and healing. John Paul as pope 'glorified' more people than any other pope in history. His idea of 'sainthood' was declaring people worth emulating... if that's what making John Paul II a saint would do - then let's go for it. I want to be more like him when I grow up. Here's a warning from John Paul II for this generation:
"the greatest threat to the next generation is excessive capitalism and the death of children not yet born." May his life continue to help us with those challenges - let's imitate him as he imitated Christ.