Just finished up at RAW (ready and willing)... what a great event! Thanks to the crew who led the charge (awesome work folks). 120 youth (on their spring break) crammed into a ghetto hall to worship Jesus by dancing on injustice... with their feet and their lives... while their friends were playing video games, these young warriors pushed into the Scriptures, prayer, and acts of mercy... laying their lives down for a few days of serious training for justice.

It was cool. This morning a bunch of us grappled with the idea that we were called to be Spartan like warriors - who were willing to make fighting for justice our whole life... not just a hobby, a job, a duty or a forgotten idea...

Micah gives us the training tools to measure our fitness:
1. walk humbly (agree with God about who you are)
2. love mercy (FEEL the heart of God for you and for others)
3. act justly (re-position your life to be in relationship with the 'other' - the lost, the last, the least)

some great ideas from a great prophet - now, to live the life...