Well, this month has mostly been about saying farewell.
The boxes arrived today and I've started the physical packing process. Oh joy oh bliss.
As much as it is a pain it is also a journey of remembering.
I'm not good at that usually. I'm more of an 'in the moment' kind of a girl. Thankfully, I'm able to turn off my emotional valve to avoid awkward public displays (to those of you who can't I'm not trying to rub it in!!).

But, as I'm wrapping, I'm remembering - everything I have to make my home a home is from somewhere and someone.
The $180 cast iron candle holder from a self denial auction (it was a bidding war between Steve and I)...
Candles from friends - their aroma still present in my life.
Photo's from around the world - memories of God's great faithfulness and grace in my life.
Priceless paintings of solid love.
Wedding gifts... still ablaze after (almost) twelve years of bliss. :-)

We had our official farewell last Sunday, so many people were gracious about the memories of our time here in Vancouver.
It truly has been a blessed experience... God has been here and is still. What a gift this place has been to our family. I think we honor one another and the Lord with these words: We will not forget.

It is important to God for us to remember.
It seems that the wisdom of the old is in the memories... lessons learned, battles fought, joys given, pain endured, hardship, sacrifice, love, relationships, fruit, pain... it's all there. In all of the memories in this place - God is the constant. He is present in all things... even the Prophetic lament (Lamentations 3) in the OT finds hope: "I remember my wanderings, the bitterness and the gall - but this I call to mind and therefore I have hope. Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed. For His mercy is new every morning. Great is His faithfulness."

So I remember the constant presence of Jesus in my life. In all things, in all circumstances, in all friendships - He is present.
"I am" says the Lord - and I agree.