From Beach to Preach


It's been an awesome time in Hawaii... God has certainly been teaching me tonnes.
The other night we went to Waianae (an economically challenged part of the island), and as part of the evangelism strategy of Aggressive Christianity Councils this weekend we took a team of warriors with a Canteen full of home made yummy spaghetti for our homeless friends on the beach. While we were there Linsey (revolution warrior) suggested we stay for the night (we were on to preach at the church on the beach the next morning) and I took her challenge. So we stayed the night. Nothing but our clothes (and a borrowed hoody). That night a homeless women gave us her tent to use, and some other friends we made hooked us up with blankets and we had a wonderful time with Jesus. All our needs were met. Our friends even loaded us up with puka shell necklaces and priceless shell finds from months at the beach. Certainly God was present with us and the learning curve is that I'd like to live open handed like my friends on the beach.
Sometimes the things we own constrain us from things like:
1. sharing
2. believing
3. relying
4. freedom

I gave my son some of the shells from my new friends - and that same night he went around and gave one to all of his new friends.... at first I was like - 'what is he doing?' and then I remembered the words of Jesus, 'freely you have received, freely give..' and I realized that my son grasped the spirit of the gifts even more than I have.
What have you been given that you should freely give?