Grace Mansion Opens!

Today was the official opening of Grace Mansion; an 85 unit safe housing complex in the heart of the downtown eastside.
The picture is the view when you are looking out from the facility... (I'll post a better one when I get it)! Suffice to say it's the same infamous corner where Robert Picton use to pick up the women he later murdered - the spot is now under redemption!

This is a dream project that was birthed by Col. Don Copple, and constructed from the grassroots with the help of Major Bill Mollard (and his team) and the 614 crew (with turnover a mere few months... amazing). With the current housing crisis in our city, we believe this place is an important and practical part of how God wants to fulfill the promises of Isaiah 61:4, 'rebuild, renew, and restore' the ruined cities. Isn't it incredible what God has in store for the future of this place?
I'm excited about the future here - please pray for continued strength and unity of the leadership in these parts. Major Winn Blackman prayed today that those working in the facility would have a 'baptism of love'... I'm echoing her prayer... that it would actually live up to it's name; God grant it.

Majors Ian and Kathleen McAlister are leading the charge from here (pray for them they have a big adjustment ahead of them)!
YEAH GOD! We believe your promises for Vancouver.