Hope for The Children of Africa

We Believe

For the children of Africa we sing this song
Robbed of their families their nights seem long
Lonely and frightened; security gone
They deserve protection and care

For the children of Africa we sing this song
Without enough food to eat their days seem long
Hungry and thirsty, its all just wrong
For they’re children like you and like me

We believe that there will be a new day
When the sun shines on Africa in more than one way
We believe that justice should speak up and say:
“Let the children of Africa
Live a new day”

For the orphan children we sing this song
Caring for families tho’ they’re still young
Grieving and vulnerable something should be done
To look after these precious ones

We believe, oh we believe
That there’s hope for the children of Africa
We believe, oh we believe
That these children are the hope of Africa

© Copyright Emma Pears 2006/ Curious? Music UK 2006

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