My friend Jen is featured in a CBC documentary called A Safer Sex Trade, "Jennifer exposes the ugly side of Vancouver's streets, where Canada's current laws have led to the increasing marginalization of street walkers and have made the women at the front lines of the notorious Downtown Eastside particularly vulnerable. It's a danger that made international headlines last year with the arrest of Robert Willie Pickton, charged with the murder of 26 women, many of them Vancouver sex trade workers."

Jen is the hero of the film (and a real life one as well) because she tells the truth about the reality of the so called 'sex trade'. I love her practical approach to helping and offering an example of hope. Her belief that God can change people is rooted in her own experience of transformation. I love this woman!
What a witness.

Here's the link if you'd like to check out the documentary for yourself (it's on again this Saturday, 10pm):

The ongoing debate about legalizing the 'sex trade' is an argument rooted in ignorance. All of the countries that have tried to legalize prostitution as a means of helping women have only succeeded in widening the base of women that are exploited.
Here's a link to a great article on 10 reasons NOT to legalize prostitution: it's a great read.