Living counter-culturally?

So, I've had some great suggestions (see the comment links) for my 30 day experiment year... I'll keep you posted on what I choose and how it goes.
So far the 'what would my sister eat' thirty days has hit a little hard this week. I must be in sugar withdrawal or something horrible like that.

Anyway, Carla's suggestion of not taking a bath or shower for a month (as an identification with the homeless), and the 'giving the finger to the devil' post got me thinking.
How do I live counter-culturally?

I don't have cable.
I give away money. (not to anyone who asks mind you - so don't bother!) :-)
I shop second hand (if I don't have a gift card)
I live in a bad neighbourhood (although my apartment is filled with others who do the same).
I pray. (to JESUS)
I live IN community.

I was trying to think of ways I live 'counter-culturally' and found it difficult. There is such a tension between being 'relevant' in order to be heard (in order to share the gospel) and being non-relevant on purpose to stick it to the 'man' as it were (to model Jesus to the world).
I fluctuate between these two things... trying to 'walk the line' as Johnny Cash might say.

Maybe I need to beef up my expression of holiness... what are some ways I can really live counter-culturally? without being a pharisee... or an insular, uptight Christian?