The 30 day experiment


My New Year's resolution is to have an entire year of 30 day experiments.
Inspired partly, by Super Size Me but without the 'extreme' nature of it (because my life doesn't permit).
This month has been 'what would my sister eat' experiment. For those of you who don't know her, it means that I don't eat any fat or sugar and I cut out alot of calories.
It's been kind of fun. I've had a slip or two - but overall it's been a good experiment (inside and out).

The next 30 days are in the War Room (our 24/7 prayer room). One shift is three hours... and I'd like to do a shift a day for 30 days... this will be difficult because I'm away for almost 10 days out of the month (altogether) so, I'm going to have to take the war room with me (you can take Danielle out of the dtes but you can't take the dtes out of Danielle). ;-)

The next month is a pilates 30 day-er.

I'm open to some other suggestions... I think somehow I'd like to put some 'silence' as a discipline in one of the months... I had talked of the idea of going to a monastary for a month - but not sure that fits in with my schedule either...

Fasting has come up a lot - technology fast (no media for 30 days), spending fast (no buying for 30 days), car fast (only public transit)... stuff like that... could be cool...

I figure it's a good way of adding some new disciplines to my life (hopefully, I'll be able to keep what is good about all the streams I'm trying).

I'm open to suggestions for experimental months... I need 9 more ;-)
Peace out.