Blood Diamond

I've seen the movie Blood Diamond.
Very good film - several scenes and challenges for me:

1. how I live affects other people in the world. I cannot continue to live a luxurious life, eating until I'm over-filled while others starve. It isn't right. I'm constantly challenged on how our lifestyle choices in the Western world affect the developing world and the people there. I can choose to live another way.

2. I've met many refugees and find it hard to comprehend their stories of survival and violence and pain... I need to committ to being a friend to the 'foreigners' who are in our land... they need/deserve some/lottsa love.

3. The scene where the Father finds his son (who has been taken by the rebel forces and trained into a child killing machine)... and he talks to him about who he really is (not who they have made him to be)... is essentially the GOSPEL... I want to hear my Father's voice in the midst of the war telling me who I am... I'm sick of the enemy trying to convince me I'm something horrible instead of someone good.
Let's listen to our Father.

That's a few anyway - it's loaded with stuff...

even the whole subplot - can a bad man become a good man through one act of love?
Greater love has noone than this - a man lay down his life for a friend..