The Nativity

Went and saw the Nativity Story tonight... good movie. I am always amazed at how 'pretty' we make the Nativity out to be... I think we are afraid of messing up the beauty of the event... in the meantime I've been struck by a few things about the Christmas story this year:

1. Elizabeth. I'm understanding with fresh eyes that Mary was able to confirm the Word of God through Elizabeth and her faith and witness. This is key in our faith - we need each other to confirm the Word... who is confirming Jesus in you?

2. Joseph. Clearly the most underrated of all Christmas characters.. this movie does him credit - and it is a humbling experience to be overshadowed by your wife (espeically considering her age/experience and credibility).

3. Mary. What my friend Aaron refers to as the 'catholic boogeyman' of Christmas. :-) Truly, a wise girl who understood the upsidedown realities of the coming Kingdom. Her magnificant is stunning. I love her tenacity and willingness to embrace the pain before and after the child is born.

Well, here's to a deeper Christmas. God help us grasp the power in the incarnation. Jesus in me - the hope of Glory.