The End of Poverty


Here's something deserving of serious prayer: at the height of a materialistic, greed-based holiday - is there another way to live? We believe there is. This is a picture of a bunch of warriors who have made it their business to contribute to a different way of living... collective agreement that we can live with less so others can live with something... sharing costs, volunteering to work long hours with kids who need intervention, praying for change in the world..

Jeffrey D. Sachs writes in The End of Poverty, "Although introductory economics textbooks preach individualism and decentralized markets, our safety and propsperity depend at least as much on collective decisions to fight disease, promote good science and widespread education, provide critical infrastructure, and act in unison to help the poorest of the poor."

How 'bout getting started on Micah 6:8 as a gift to Jesus this year for Christmas?