Hope for our time.

I’m pregnant with hope right now. Which. Is. Weird. Because, well, things aren’t so good on a global scale. On the way to a conference recently, I had an especially frank conversation with my Uber driver. She’s not so hopeful. She recounted the horror of the shooting in Los Vegas and the hopelessness she felt about the American political system and the results of global warming on the world and lamented the fact that she chose to bring children into this god-forsaken place. And all the time she was sharing, I was trying to listen to her pain, but what I was really feeling was hope. Which. Is. Weird. Why am I feeling hope at a time that seems so perilous and hopeless? And that’s when it hits me.

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Danielle Strickland
On transitions and being still.

Lots of us go through these things – transitions. I’ve spent a whole life moving from place to place and loving it, well, mostly. The thing about transitions is that they wreak havoc on your everyday. Your rhythm gets thrown off, your relationships get stretched and curtailed and panicked, your life gets slowed and sped up at the same time in different ways. It’s a bit of a chaos that adds to what is already often a messy life.

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Fear is a punk: the gospel truth.

Fear is a liar. Fear manifests like a deep knot inside your stomach that tells you to be quiet when you should speak. To hide when you should be open. To lie when you should tell the truth. It often hangs around with shame. Fear uses shame like a sword to cut us into a controllable shape. Fear is a spirit that pushes against our own sense of self. Fear is humanity's oldest enemy, right along with pride. Fear tries to trick us into escapism, denial, anger, self-righteousness, self-pity and immobilize us from any creative action or dignified kindness, even to ourselves.

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